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You are independent & curious;
Someone who loves personal growth; 
You want to dive deeper into the many layers of Human Design;
And go way beyond applying your S&A♡

You are







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You never fail until you stop trying

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Love everything related to personal growth, an ‘Illuminator’ if you will. You are a life explorer on your own soul journey. You love sharing what you’ve learned in order to make the world a brighter place. ‘Illuminators’ know that this starts from within. By reconnecting with our truest self over and over again. The light within! You are brave enough to shine a light on your shadows to make them appear. You are fearless in that sense. It’s scary, and you do it anyway. You take inspired action and always dive deeper and further. You seek clarity & light the way for others.♡ Does this resonate? Do you feel like diving deeper into the connections & the layers of your Human Design? 

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