Human Design

Human Design is one of the coolest, most complex and layered self help tools that I have seen so far.♡

Your Human Design Chart is based on two specific calculations and shows you amongst others; 

* How your unique energy flows naturally; 
* Areas where you are potentially leaking energy. 
* Themes in your life where your strengths and weaknesses show up;
* Your specific life themes to work with (heal, improve & tap into it’s highest potential);
* Where you attract & repel people energetically;
* Which energy you naturally bring in family & business dynamics.
* The best way for your body & brain to process information.

Human Design Freedom

You can make use of all of this information to first and foremost strengthen your connection to yourself, so that you feel extremely powerful and that you trust yourself even more. This will draw the ‘right’ people & situations into your life, matching your own energy! Allowing your life to flow effortlessly.

Feeling confident & free!

** Scroll all the way down if you’re completely new to Human Design and want to read a bit more.**

If you already know the basics of Human Design and know how to read a chart, let me introduce you to
“The Human Design Accelerator!”

Enjoy a new way of exploring and dissecting your Human Design Chart, diving deep into the many layers within the themes of your design, allowing you to pinpoint so much faster where you can make (slight) improvements in order to create more peace, love [ enter whatever it is that you want to experience/ feel more of in your life].



** I no longer give personal readings, as I’d rather show you how to do it yourself!**

My interests lie mostly within the gates & the interconnecting themes within your design. For me that’s where the true juice is. Once you truly understand the energy frequencies that you can tap into, you will be able to very quickly pinpoint those wounds that are just not visible on the surface. You’ll also be able to see  very specifically targeted areas where you can raise your frequency, so that you experience even more alignment and flow in your life. 

This goes way beyond just applying just your Strategy & Authority♡

That’s where “The Human Design Accelerator” comes in!

Working with Human Design on this whole new, much deeper level gives you the clarity and confidence to fall back on yourself time and time again.

The Human Design Accelerator!

Below are some of my previous Human Design offerings. If you deeply feel called to receive a reading or guidance from me specifically, you can make a request and I will feel into it whether and how I will guide your journey. 

Essential Human Design Reading



This reading offers the Human Design essentials you need to get started with your personal experiment. You will receive the specific tools that (if applied) will help you gain clarity and realign yourself time & time again, so that you draw the ‘right’ people and situations into your life. Making your life flow effortlessly.


Deep dive Human Design consult




Every design is different. How you express your design is different from everyone else. As you are unique! This uniqueness is mostly seen in the themes that your personal Human Design shows. Like a framework that allows you to clearly see where there is room for improvement and where you can feel more free to fully express your unique beautiful self

In this elaborate reading we dive deep into what makes you you. 


Frequently asked questions

** Disclaimer: Below is the very generic explanation of Human Design., which you’ll find on lots of sites. Human Design is so much more though/ you can do so much more with HD.  So keep your eye out for a way more in depth and ‘connecting the energetic dots’ type of explanation.

Human Design is a synthesis of various systems. Western science meets Eastern science. (DNA Codons, Quantum Physics, Astronomy, The I Ching, The Kabalah Tree of Life, The Chakra System and Astrology merged and interwoven into a unique design)

You can see it as your energetic blueprint. Who you essentially are and what you were made for. What energy you bring and where your energy is influenced and in what way.

It’s super personal and layered and your expression of your design is unique to you.

The founder of Human Design calls it ‘an experiment’:

The information you get from your design is meant to be experimented with. It’s quite possible that you will be presented with new ways of doing things, which you are not (yet) used to because you have always done it differently. The experiment invites you to act according to your design and see what works and what doesn’t.

Aiming at feeling less: 
* Resistance;
* Anger;
* Frustration;
* Disappointment;
* Bitterness in your life.

And experience more:
* Succes;
* Peace;
* Satisfaction;
* Surprise. 

The idea behind it all is that you feel more free and accepting of who and how you are. Mind you your design is an imprint of how you came to earth. Pure as a baby. Now you’re an adult and you have experienced a lot of conditioning (‘wonderful’ and ‘less wonderful’). Discerning which conditioning works well for you (regardless of your design, as you are not a pure baby anymore) and which you’d like to either accept or change. 
The way I see and use Human Design is as a TOOL! Not the full blown TRUTH. You are your own authority. your own guru. You know! Human Design can help you specify your search for self development and zoom in on those beautiful nuances that are unique to YOU! 

It’s all about you. 

I invite you to explore yourself en others! 
If you have children, then this is also an amazing tool  to understand your child. Those things your child is not yet able to tell you him or herself. 

There are many different places where you can pick up your free Human Design Chart.

My personal favorites are: www.genetixmatrix.com and www.mybodygraph.com 

If you want to dig a little deeper and more information about your color, base and tone (the arrows) and your personal transits, then www.geneticmatrix.com is the way to go. The free version gives you a lot of information and a subscription is super affordable. (If you want to give Human Design Consults yourself, this is a great option to take out a subscription.)

You can also find a lot of (paid and unpaid) information on the original website:  www.jovianarchive.com 

My very short answer is “Yes”.  

Human Design is so very layered and complex that the information that you derive from your design will most likely land easier. Aka you’ll be able to understand the energy mechanics a lot quicker than people who haven’t and you’ll be able to get to the true juice, the magic of your design.  

Personally, I had 12 to 13 years of in depth studying and experiencing all sorts of different energetics and personal development systems/ tools & techniques. I feel like I’ve pretty much tried and studied it all, and still Human Design offers me something that other tools haven’t. It has proven super valuable to me. What it gives me personally is  very clear indicators,  sign posts if you will. Little (mental)  bells that go off when I’m on the right track and when I’m off track.

It goes so deep that I can clearly see my ancestral wounds, and so the healing work that I do  is very specified, which is just amazing. It speeds up and clarifies the healing process (if speeding up the process is what I want in the moment. Sometimes I just intuit that this particular wound needs more time and it’s just great to know where and what the core wounding is, so I’ll recognize it so much easier and faster when it shows up in my triggers). 

For me the juice is in the gates and my personal interest lies there. The transits, the emotional frequency that always plays in the background influencing you, which again ties into the gates and the embodiment and ‘in-tunement’ of the frequencies that you can use to elevate yourself and uplevel your life even more.

Honestly, I follow my mood and my vibes and feel into the ‘you’. What you want and what I feel that you need and what I feel that I can give. 

I’m energetically and visual highly attuned and usually a session flows into releasing certain energies that no longer serve you, however long this takes. We might be done sooner. We might take a while. 

I love letting it flow.

I can tell you that I am  very detail oriented, and also a woman with a very broad and open vision. I see all the connections and feel into the information that comes up and that’s what I share. 

If you want the full full full depth of your Human Design I recommend keeping an eye out for “The Next Level Embodiment Method.”

I fully trust in you and your ability to feel into what it is that you need. Sometimes the view is a bit blurred and Human Design can help in such a nice way to clear up your vision in order to move forward, feeling confident and inspired by yourself and leaning into your OWN true gorgeous energy! 

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