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If you’ve read the section about ‘How I got inspired‘  then you already know that I have discovered how rewarding it is for me to help others. There were numerous occasions where I truly just helped people because they needed help and in the end I felt like I got back so much more than I even gave. This is the positive cycle and flow I am in and want to stay in. This is also one of the reasons why I started the project Truly Feel Good, to help people feel good about themselves and to accept themselves for who they are and to feel good about that.

australia-opera-houseWhat You Can Do To Help:

Share Your Travel Stories:
Things you liked, or places where you felt inspired, the people that you met. The cheap hostels you stayed at or wonderful activities that I should experience. Great traveling tips (bus connections etc.) or things to be aware of safety wise. Any cost saving information that you would tell friends or family to make sure they don’t overspend or whatever you feel like sharing. 
Love traveling stories : )

Spread the word:
Join the Truly Feel Good tribe on Facebook and share the cause with like minded people.

Connecting Me With People For:
Motivational speeches at events:
Sharing my story in person and inspiring people at various events, where purpose and happiness are at the center of it all, is what I love to do. My presentations are fun and interactive in various languages, where you leave being aware of the simplest things you can do in life to make it a happier one. If you know of any event where you believe they can benefit from a positive energy force called ‘Mo’ then please connect us and be part of something great while at it!

Work abroad:
I will be traveling a lot and hope to work part-time for accommodation & food or plain and simple money.

If you know anyone that you’ve met during your own travels or any places you’ve visited where they could use some help at for instance hostels in exchange for a bed and some food, I’d be forever grateful.

Mo(re) skills
I have a knack for languages, I pick them up quite easily just because I enjoy learning new languages and I have a good ear. I can help others do the same in English, Spanish, German or Dutch at an introductory level just picking up the basics, my way…the fun way: ) 
Almost every picture on this website was taken by me. Do you love these pictures just as much as I do and do you know people that would like to hire me to take pictures or that want to buy some of my work? Connecting is the key word!
Event planning & execution:
Being the maid of honor several times was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It was so much fun to do! To think out of the box and be surprising whilst adhering to the bride and groom’s wishes. I must admit I learned a lot from the years of experience I gained in marketing and event management positions, but still, organizing the day and the parties for your best friends is truly something else.
Last, and definitely not least, writing. It’s what I do : ) Like what you read in my blogs or the poems that I’ve written? I can write a poem or a song for you with just a few keywords about your intent and whom you’re writing it for.

Looking For Short Term Accommodation In Groningen?
In order to have no costs back home, I have turned my lovely apartment into a great AirBnb accommodation. Please refer to ‘Casa di Mo’.

House sitting:
Maybe you know friends that will be or are on vacation and need someone to watch their pets or water their plants. Pick me!

Are You Skilled In Photoshop or anything media related?
Even though I’ve been finding my way, I can use some info or help from time to time.

Donate some monies
My mother is one of the most generous people I know. She always gives and is now (at the age of 65) learning how to receive. One is never too old to learn. I feel that living a happy life is about both giving and receiving and it makes me proud to see that she is allowing herself to open up. She taught me how to save money from an early age on. And so I did. I worked hard and every penny I got immediately went into this ‘savings jar’. At a certain point though it hit me. “Why am I saving this money for ‘ later’? I could be hit by a buss tomorrow, what a waste of possibly beautiful experiences…” 
I am one of those silly people that values experiences and making connections rather than cash. Nevertheless, it’s great to be able to put it to good use.

So thank you mom for teaching me how to save. This is why I can now travel the world and do what I want to do…to inspire people & to share smiles. Money runs out quickly though and sometimes I’ll just simply need it for food or a bed and to get around by public transportation so I can actually share the stories people tell me. I have learned that I should not be afraid to ask for help, so if you feel like you want to contribute in any small or large way you feel happy with, here’s my ask to you. I’ll be setting up a new account especially for the project soon where you wonderful generous people can donate some monies for the project Truly Feel Good.  Thank you!!


Just send me an e-mail at connecting@trulyfeelgood.com or share your contacts via Facebook.  

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as ‘Monique Birgitte’.

Thank You All for Connecting!


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