(Mo) tivational speaker

What Do You Get?

Enthusiasm in a large dose!

Sharing my story in person and inspiring people at various events, where purpose and happiness are at the center of it all, is what I love to do. My presentations are fun and interactive in various languages, where you will leave being aware of the simplest things you can do in life to make it a happier one.

People always tell me I am so very generous with giving out compliments and they laugh at how exciting I get over little things. That’s me : ) I also have a very distinct raspy voice, which will either put you to sleep or keep you intrigued ; )

What People Say:

Krista Moeijes Bosgra, Category Manager @ Friesland Campina
“Wow! When Mo is in front of a group, there is really someone speaking! Someone with attitude, someone that sparkles and with something to say. But most of all, someone with an amazing amount of openness and positivity towards its audience. If you want a good presenter for something, bring big challenges to something small, or just want to be inspired, you are at the right address. Love Krista.”

Christophe de Loo, Software developer @ Accenturems-2-captions
“Monique is a very cheerful and caring person with a genuine interest in others”

Kelly Opheikens, Community/events manager @ De Pijp Groningen
“Monique is my cousin and one of my best friends! She’s a very loving person, open minded, fun, friendly and enthusiastic!”


Mo is someone that sparkles with an amazing amount of openness and positivity towards its audience.

Patrick Wijnands, Supply Chain coordinator @ Merck & Co
“Monique transmits a message to the listener with great enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject. She does this in Dutch, but with the seemingly same ease in other languages. For a presentation she often uses cleverly designed slides or fun videos that support the subject in an appropriate way. “

How To Get Your Own Dose Of Mo

Are you organizing an event where you believe the audience can benefit from a positive energy force called ‘Mo’ then please contact me at motivationalspeaker@trulyfeelgood.com.


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