How I got inspired

Making yourself feel happy by helping others… 

Have you seen that movie ‘ Pay it forward?’ It’s been a while since I’ve seen it myself, but the message still resonates; It’s a great gift to give. Whether it’s putting in time and effort, sharing resources & connections, giving information or donating funds. Everyone has something to offer, something meaningful to share. 

That is actually how this project unfolded. My cousin works at a wonderful place where they believe in the growth of the purpose economy and see the power in connecting, inspiring and sharing knowledge. The location is really close to my apartment and I had been working at home writing and figuring out how to travel and write without going bankrupt. I had signed up for the Happy Startup experience, because from everything that I had seen online and had heard from my cousin, they were the group I was eager to meet the most. ‘Maybe they can help me fill in the blanks and keep my inspired mind going’ and boy did they! Everyone I met that day contributed, including talking to my wonderful friends after. But that’s a different story…. 

My cousin was quite busy preparing the event and I love working events. So I offered her my help. Not because she and her partner in crime couldn’t manage, but because it’s so much nicer to have someone around who can do those little things that you feel you don’t have time for when working an event.

So there we were. They gave me even better chores to do than expected and I got to interact with many different people in the process, which made me feel so happy! The cool thing is, that I got re-inspired in that environment and all of a sudden I found the right websites to be on and got so much more of my research done in a shorter amount of time. 

The girls expressed their gratitude to me on numerous occasions, and that felt great. What felt even better was being able to say thank you back! They gave me so much more by just allowing me to help them. My cousin, her friend, the people I met during the event, my good friends that are always willing to listen and to think along with me. Everybody helped me see my purpose and I couldn’t feel happier!

So Thank You All


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