About my Book

A few years back I started writing a book. This book was in the ‘chick flick’ category. The story was based on real life and had many funny elements, which I honestly would love to share, just ’cause it’s so entertaining. However, it revealed too many things that where shared with me  in confidence. So I decided to keep that to myself and go back to writing songs and such. I never shared these with anybody though. Hardly anyone knew that I wrote stuff, but at a certain point I decided to change this and share my words.

This particular book, called ‘ The Dreamweaver’,  is complete fiction, but it’s inspired by my little nephew. I can’t go into the reasons why or how it was inspired by him and it might seem strange that a physiological thriller was inspired by a sweet little innocent boy of three, but it was : ) Thank you Niels! 

In this menu item I share certain sections of the book. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing (and reading) them.

To read the sections, stay with your mouse on the menu link and ‘The Dreamweaver’ menu will appear below.  Click on the name and there you go!


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