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Throughout my life I’ve been to many places, lived in various countries and the place that felt most like home was in the US of A. I got to experience life in Denver, Colorado from 2000 to 2002 and it was amazing!

Ever since I had to leave (as my visa expired) I had been trying to get back. Of course, I visited the states on various occasions afterwards and whenever I came back to Denver I felt this immediate sense of calm and ease. Driving from Denver airport to Westminster, I remember seeing the dry grass and letting out a sigh of relief. The scenery wasn’t pretty, but still it felt like coming home.  

The thought ‘Is this feeling realistic?’ popped up in my head several times. Sometimes you can delude yourself because memories can be distorted and maybe it’s a form of escaping your current reality. So last year I took a leap of faith, quit my job and hopped on a plane to the big city to see if this desire to live in the states was still true and whether I could find a way to get a visa. This time I chose to go to New York though, as I wanted to see if that energy I felt a couple of years before when visiting this vibrant city was still present. Back then I could just imagine myself living the good life of a single girl in her thirties, ready to explore the endless options New York has to offer.

New York is so exciting, the energy that surrounds me there is just perfect. The natural flow of inspiration was amazing, and thrilling. I was unstoppable. On my way from the city back to Boston, where I was staying with my good friends, I wrote blogs and topics to write about.  
I had met great people that were willing to talk to me, to figure out whether this was what I wanted and to see if there was a possibility for me to live there if only for a few years.

Once back home, after exploring all options, I discovered there was one viable one. This option meant sharing my writing. Scary! ‘Cause thus far, I had always kept it to myself. Only a handful of people knew about it and had read some of my work. It was so much fun though writing about my experiences in New York  and new things were happening back in Dutchland (my nickname for The Netherlands) So I started a blog, which you will find in this section. Lot’s of fun easygoing blogs about life, love and happiness. the blogs are divided into categories.

To read them stay with your mouse on the menu link and the categories will unfold below in a different menu, click on your favorite topic and there you have them. Enjoy!

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