About my songs

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been writing. Stories, songs (lots of songs) and poems. 

These songs just come to me, usually when taking a shower or just walking around, biking whatever. Most of them I don’t write down, but some  melodies or words just stick. I can imagine that it’s weird to read song lyrics when you don’t know the melody that accompanies the lyrics. That’s actually a work in progress : ) I started taking guitar lessons back home with a friend, so I’d be able to write the chords to the lyrics. Those sessions ended up being more about drinking wine and chatting haha. Fun, but not very productive! In Vietnam I got somewhat closer to realizing  this dream by buying a Ukulele! Have managed to write the chords to one of my songs and learned how to play a few well known songs. Very exciting!

I’ve always been great at not reading notes. Back when I was a kid, I played the saxophone in this big orchestra. The director of the band was not happy with me to say the least, because each week I could not play along to the songs that we were all supposed to play together. I didn’t like the songs that he picked for us, they were boring and yes I had issues with reading the notes. I could do it if I put my mind to it, but I had so much more fun making up my own melodies and they sounded so much nicer than any religious songs he came up with.

At one point the director spoke with my mom and said “She needs to start practicing or else she can’t be in the music performance.” My mom was flabbergasted “I don’t get it” she said. “Monique plays the saxophone every single day.” She took me aside and asked me what was going on, so I told her what was what and she made a deal for me. Namely, I had to practice the songs that the director picked for us and in return I was allowed to let the other kids listen to one of the songs I had made up. Honestly, I didn’t care about sharing my songs, I just enjoyed making up these songs and melodies and playing them. Needless to say I got kicked out soon thereafter and have continued doing my own thing ever since : )

This menu item displays some songs that I’ve written. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

To read the songs; stay with your mouse on the menu link and several categories will appear below in a different menu, click on your favorite topic and there you have them. Enjoy!


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