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He wanted a hot girl…he got the guy!

As soon as she lets go of the pressure on my artery, blood starts flowing through my leg again and I feel a tingling sensation. It’s not my first rodeo, so I know what she’s doing.
I wonder how Julian will react if the guy does the same thing on him, being so close with his hand to his groin….

“Have you ever had a Thai massage?” German Julian asks a bit anxious and excited at the same time. Had them?? Bah! I might have a borderline addiction to them… “Yes, I’ve had one before” I respond with a straight face. “Are they painful?” “Hmm, well yeah. No. Not really. Maybe….” I have a hard time answering ‘cause everyone’s pain threshold is different and I think mine might be quite high when it comes to massages.

He reaches for his information source…the smart phone! Fortunately, the video of the Thai massage does not scare him off and he’s willing to give it a try. Before we leave, he says he wants the cute girl. “ Will you trade with me if I get an ugly one?” I assure him I’ll trade. “Let me know which one you find the cute one though, ‘cause my opinion on that might be different than yours” I add as we head for the motorbike.

At the apartment, I told him that there’s no need to search Google for a specific massage place, ‘cause they’re on every corner. This is true. Honestly, like they’re everywhere! I’ve noticed the past couple of days that Julian gets antsy quite  easily when he doesn’t feel prepared and exactly knows what’s what. Surprisingly, he shrugs and puts his phone away, seemingly trusting my word. Ten minutes later we are driving on the main street. My role is to keep an eye out and shout as soon as I find a place. Of course, as always when searching for something specific, Murphy’s law joins the party and there’s not one massage parlor in sight. My bad!

Julian takes out his phone again. “There’s one close by, but it’s done by blind people” he says not too eagerly. Yeaaaayyy! No way! “Oh that is so cool, I’ve wanted to get one of those for ages” I shout out happily surprised. From the weary look on Julian’s face, it’s clear that he doesn’t share my excitement. “Hmmm, I don’t know, they are so much more expensive.” he states. “ No, no! If anything they are cheaper, because this is a way for blind people to earn an income and become independent.” Hearing that it’ll probably be cheaper gets him hesitantly on board, and so we head for the blind massage place.

On the back of the bike my mind drifts off to a conversation I had a few days ago with the British, slash Croatian, slash guy who has lived in every continent before he was I don’t know how old. “I recently learned how to give Thai massages” Mitch tells me. “ Ah really? That sounds amazing, what did they teach you?” He looks at me strangely. “Well, how to give a Thai massage!” he replies a bit annoyed. Duuuuhhhh!!  “Yeah, I got that much.” I reply with a grin. “ I meant what did they actually teach you? Like did they teach you how to feel into the body, how to find the knots?” “ No, no I don’t know how to do that. They just showed me how to do the massage.” Enough said. He got taught how to work the routine.  

The reason why I’m so looking forward to this particular massage is because I think that once a person loses one of their five senses, he or she will be much more in tune with the other four, and will therefore be able to feel what is actually happening in the body. In my mind they will instinctively and actively feel which parts need more attention and let them go from there, instead of following the regular routine that Mitchell was taught. Am curious to test my theory!

“ Massaaaaaaaaaaaaage?” the lady asks with her thick Thai accent as we approach the door. There are so many flip flops and shoes outside, I’m afraid they won’t have a spot for us until later. “Yes, Yes, we would like a massage. Can we get one now?” She checks her books and tells us to go to the back. Yay! I quickly go for a pit stop, which is a good thing ‘cause when I enter the room a few minutes later, I see Julian laying there on the table with a large therapist in the shape of full grown man standing over him. Wahahahaha! I have to keep myself from laughing out loud. He never said anything about the guy having to be hot! Wahahahaha. He seems okay with the situation though, and I’m happy to see him giving in to the whole experience.  

An hour later we both leave the table relaxed and rejuvenated. Julian did surprisingly well and was totally fine with the guy massaging him. “ So did he press down on your groin at one point?” I ask him evilly entertained, thinking he’ll say yes, but no such luck. From the sound of it, the guy (thankfully) took it somewhat easy on Julian. As for my theory that blind people are more in tune with their touch senses was, in this specific case, proven to be wrong. The lady did a great job, but was very clearly just following the steps that she was taught.

Later on that night I check in with myself and realize that even though my expectations were raised, I was thankfully not disappointed and enjoyed the massage as much as I would any other. It was more driven by my curiosity to test the ‘senses hypothesis’. Could this be because of the daily reminder? Is it rubbing off? Every day at two o’clock a message pops up on my phone saying “Expect nothing, appreciate everything.”  I love this little reminder, because it’s always our expectations that make us feel that an experience is less fun, resulting in predetermined disappointment.

So as for my theory, it’s a difficult task, but I guess there’s no way around it…. I’m just going to have to increase my sample group and test the hypothesis over and over, and over again….#livingtheroughlife.


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