About the friendly pervert

Approaching the line at the embassy I think about what a coincidence it is that I met these guys last night, pointing out to me that I had a ‘slight’ problem….

Sweat is trickling down my back and not only because of the heat. Phase one has been accomplished. Namely, rescheduling my bus ticket. Woohoo long live Zaid, the amazing manager of the hostel. I’m so happy that in Asia they are so very flexible with this kind of stuff.

Now I’m facing phase two- getting my visa! Lucky for me there’s not a huge line (unlike I expected) and I came prepared, so I knew exactly which line to go to and in which order, speeding up the process somewhat. I only had about 45 minutes to arrange the entire thing because I had to wait this morning for the verdict regarding the bus.

This old guy is standing in front of the counters seemingly pointing people in the right direction. I feel quite relaxed, as I figured that I will work out either option, whatever happens here at the consulate. The guy seems to take a liking to me and decides to help me fill out the entire form. He leans over me while doing so. That’s a bit close buddy! But ey okay you’re helping me. I’ll let it slide. It doesn’t take long before I’m all set and confidently hand over my documents to the guy behind the counter. “How long are you staying in Thailand?” he asks “ I don’t know I guess 60 days, as that’s my limit…” He looks at me strangely. “I’m going with the flow and am planning to travel up north.” I add. The answer doesn’t seem to satisfy him.

“Where are you going after Thailand?” “ Most likely Myanmar.” “And then? ”Laos.” And then?” “I think Cambodia” I’m getting this flashback from the movie ‘Dude where’s my car’. “ and theeeennn?” “Then probably the Phillipines or Indonesia, or both.” He seems to get the gist that I’m gonna be all over the place, but that nothing is set in stone so he asks the most relevant question. “Do you have a ticket to go back to The Netherlands?” “ No.” With a cocky grin on his face he shoves the documents back to me and tells me that he cannot give me the visa. And good luck to you too!  

I walk away from the booth and figure that I’ll just then fly out of Thailand after my 14 days are up. As I turn to head out, the old guy approaches me happily and asks if I got my visa approved. I let him know what’s what. He bends forward and whispers in my ear that it’s okay and I should go see the guard at the front. These words are playfully accompanied by a big wink and a little tap on my right ass cheek.  Whoops!  I jump forward a little bit ‘cause that was unexpected even though I had already noticed that he was a bit of a perve. Hahaha you dirty little old man! I have to stop myself from laughing out loud. He totally knows he can get away with it.

I hope it made his day, ‘cause he actually made mine. I got my stuff sorted out. The guard helped, other people helped and within 20 minutes I was back with the full stack of necessary documents. The friendly perve even had to help me agaiiiin ‘cause somehow, really dunno how?!,  I had lost a tiny piece of paper with my request number on it. Again another big wink and a hand on the small of my back “ Just for you” he says. I kinda want to give him a very obvious wink back and tell him “Sure just for me”, but I’m too preoccupied trying avoid the grumpy guy, who could learn a thing or two from Mr. friendly pervert!

One day later and a visa richer, I’m one happy girl. Thanking the stars that my friendly perve was there to help out.

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