About the common market

Ten thirty sharp “ Helloooohhww’ Jackie goes while knocking on our door. “Hey! Are you ready to go” I ask him. “Yes, yes, go to common mahket.”

Let’s rewind a bit to a couple of days back. Harpreet (my roomie) and I were walking to the Mall. About five to ten minutes after leaving the apartment, she points out the common market and tells me that Jackie goes here to get food and how much cheaper it is then the food from the supermarket in our building. I’d love to go there with Jackie one day and today is that day.

“We go doahwn to Bee2- get motoh bike’ Jacky tells me in the elevator. Hmm, I guess we’re going to a different market : ) Exciting! I like riding on the back of the scooter and seeing new areas.  “Oh, I need a helmet then!” I say pointing at my head. “ No, no ies okay, I have downstaihs”. “ You have a helmet for me downstairs?” I say happily surprised. “ Oh, no foh you. You need hehmet on motoh bike.” Yes, yes I do.

Kindly he goes up to get it and asks me to wait downstairs. Let’s make use of this time and do some exercise. I look around and see stairs Yeay! Good for abs and butt….I seriously need to work out more.  During the time he’s gone, I’ve gone up and down about ten flights of stairs and stretched it out.  “Hew’s yoah hehmet!” he says with a smile on his face when he steps out of the elevator. Two minutes later we’re driving up the steep hill to get to the road. Ready. Set. Go : )

the-common-marketWe drive straight against traffic for a few minutes. When is he going to grab his moment to mingle, if there is any?! I wonder. There is and we cross safely. He makes another turn and I feel as though we are entering that street that Harpreet pointed out from the other side. Probably not, or else we could’ve easily walked. The street is filled with little shops and people sitting outside of those shops presenting their food on the street, near the gutter. We select a few vegetables. She weighs them and he pays her. Apparently, there are different prices for different types of people (so I’ve been told by my roomie and it’s not very surprising). Locals/Vietnamese people pay about half of what foreigners pay. Jackie tells me that it also depends very much on the shop owner. Makes sense.

thumb_dsc_0037_1024We move on and I see what I’ve seen before and it makes me want to go completely vegetarian. There is fresh meat out in the open, that they cut with large knives right in front of us. Next to the butcher, there is a small cage with approximately seven or eight chickens in there. It totally makes me sad.  What if I lift up that cage…will they run?

Slowly driving through that street on the motorbike (it’s a Scooter if you ask me….there’s not enough engine power to call it an actual motorbike) we see fish alive in tanks being cut on the spot as well. Do you think they know what is coming? I hope not… We go from store to store and at the end of the street it’s confirmed. That was indeed that street that would’ve taken us the elevator ride up and down to get to the market. When I ask Jackie why he goes by bike, he replies “ To saye tihme, to saye tihme.” Aaaahhh to save time.

Lucky for us we had all the time in the world ; )


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