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Whoa! Another great day in Hanoi. Seriously, after flipping that switch it’s a total 180. Some people might already know this about me, but for the rest of you I’ll share a little secret as to what helps me feel happy every day. Even if it is for a just one moment…

The best way for me to end the day is to write in what I call ‘My little booklet of Gratitude’. Every day I sit in bed with the nightlight on and write down what I was grateful for that day. Even if you’ve had what feels like the crappiest of days, I guarantee you there will be something that made you smile that day or made you feel grateful. Maybe it was that nice warm shower you just took, maybe it is this moment right here that you’re lying in bed thinking “Thank god this day is over, tomorrow is brand new day”. Whatever your moments are, I urge you to write them down and cherish them.  


dsc_0130Two of my list from the 14th of November really made a difference to my state of mind that day. One of which was meeting Hoang. This experience was special and deserves a more elaborate story. I call that one ‘About a random act of kindness’. The other one made me feel as if I was on a treasure hunt that I didn’t even consciously know I was on and accidentally found this gorgeous gem among rubble.

Earlier that day my friend and I were texting.“ So tell me what do you think of Vietnam?” she goes. “Yeah dirty” I tell her and laugh “ but that’s not fair” I continue. “The part where I live is quite dirty, lots of smog and well yeah..dirt. But in the city center it’s different” She was in Vietnam some years ago, so this is no news to her “ Hahahaha nice summary” She replies “ It’s true though!”  I guess the universe read my text and decided to show me another side of this area in Hanoi.
I’m glad it did : )

That afternoon I strolled around on my own again, sort of looking for a place to sit down to write and ended up at this immense tower. The sign said they had a rooftop bar and there was a pool. Say no more, I’m game!

There was a girl attending the elevator. Aaah quite posh, I like it…am not dressed for the occasion but ah well, I think I’ll get away with it. The doors close and a bunch of people are in there with me. I have to keep myself from laughing thumb_img_3120_1024out loud when I read what’s written on the door. One phrase in particular catches my eye.

Will they kick me out as soon as I open up my (loud) mouth? Hihi I’m willing to take that chance though and confidently step out of the elevator. Hmm No rooftop bar or fancy schmansy stuff yet….The guy in the red shirt seems to know where he’s going so I just follow him. He leads us up to these narrow steps and once on top there it is….Waaaahhh I take in the “Hallelujah moment” until I notice five sets of eyes in a nice looking uniform staring at me.

“Hello” (forgot her name) says with a big smile showing her cute crooked teeth “How may I help you?” I tell her I’m interested in the pool and the fitness area and would like to have a drink and maybe a snack. Oh and if they have wifi…Very important question! They do and I’m allowed to just walk around take a look at the menu and order whenever I’m ready.

Whoa this view is spectacular!! Damn why didn’t I bring my Nikon?! While I’m approaching the pool I see several (!) women that look like they are brides right there by the pool. Is this a double wedding or something? Gorgeous dresses. The moonlight shining bright. Men looking handsome in their suits and a professional photographer taking their pictures. I get why. The lighting is truly amazing here by the pool. Sneakily I take a quick picture Thank god for my iPhone and walk on towards what I believe is the way to the gym. Apparently, I’m disturbing the good staff during their dinner as they sit in the little alley way on tiny plastic chairs with their bowls in front of them. Oepsie! Shit, note to self- learn how to say ‘Sorry’ in Vietnamese’. Anyways, moving on…

After finding the gym I quickly return to the lounge area ‘cause I’m totally in the mood for a nice glass of red, while taking in the view. They don’t seem to sell wine by the glass anywhere though. Not even in a fancy place like this! I chit chat with the girl whose name I forgot about yoga and wine. Two great topics that put a smile on my face at any time of the day. She can’t help me out either, but she tells me to just go and have a quick look upstairs.

Not knowing what to expect I politely go up there (right now my mind is on wine…you know urgent matters…) When I make the final turn on the narrow stairs, I see what she meant. Whoa this view is even better! There I am all alone on this roof top showing a large “H” in a circle. Number five on my bucket list “Take a ride on a helicopter one day”.

Suddenly, my hair gets blown up by the rotating blades and warm air is encircling me. Oh helleuw, my ride is here to pick me up to go toI don’t know. A place where they have Shiraz perhaps?! A great looking man in a black suit with a dark stubble on his face, covering his chin dimple, opens the door of the helicopter. He flashes his white shiny teeth and invites me in. When I walk past him, I can smell his manly cologne. I love it when a man smells this nice. The honking of Hanoi traffic carries up the high building and awakens me from my daydream. Instantly, I’m back to reality, which is still quite spectacular! Aaahh, someday…

For now this great discovery will do : )



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    Wat leuk om weer wat blogs van je te lezen. Klinkt super allemaal (behalve dat je geen wijn per glas kan krijgen maar ach een fles is ook goed haha) 😉 Wat een schitterende foto ook trouwens!

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