About guys and their pickup lines II

You’d think a worldly girl like myself would realize when she’s being hit on, but yeah, no! I initially fall for it every time…specifically when it comes to guys in New York and their ‘I’m just asking you a simple question but am totally hitting on you’ pickup lines…

I’m all about exploring my options! One of which is seeing if I should/could go back to school and find myself a completely new career. What better place to look for new opportunities then Columbia University!

It’s a bright and shiny new day. The humidity, plus my plans to meet a Broadway producer later on, made me decide to go for a comfortable wavy long pinkish skirt which allows me to wear flip flops underneath without anyone noticing them….this city with all its blocks and endless underground pathways asks for comfort yet stylish outfits….Not that easy I’m telling you! I pull it off though and have a semi good meeting session for a Masters program.

Afterwards, I roam around and dive into one of my other passions…photography! I take out my really tiny non-professional camera and start taking pictures of what can only be described as the most gorgeous campus I have ever seen in my whole life. So yeah Columbia might not be for me, but oh man can I picture myself walking these halls and specifically the beautiful lanes outside passing the enormous old school buildings, carrying so much history, it instantaneously takes you back over a hundred years.

I shoot the words ‘Love’ and ‘Science’ from an in interesting angle, that are engraved in a bench and enter the church, hardly allowing myself to breathe as I’m afraid the guy in the corner will tell me to be quiet! Once outside I see a sturdy balcony made of stone, with what seem to be urns flipped upside down and facing each other, in sequence. One thing I love taking pictures of…especially if they’re as gorgeous as the sequence presented in this balcony.

I’m focussed.  Try to take the right shot, getting the massive building combined with the fountain and it’s greens in front, separating the balcony area from the huge building through the sequence of the urns…playing with my settings to get the shot that I envisioned. “Excuse me, disculapme do you know where Amsterdam Ave is?”

I get pulled from my concentration, look up into the sunlight and see….Mr. Mexico! Sweaty, tiny, smiling Mr. ‘You definitely look like you’re from Mexico’…

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken Spanish so I take the opportunity and reply in Spanish “Sí! Hola ¡Déjame ver!”.  “Ah you speak Spanish?” he goes. (Stroking my ego ‘cause seriously it really sucks by now….) I reply in Spanish and try to hold up my end of the conversation. He strokes my ego even more by asking me where in Spain I’m from. Seriously dude! My Spanish sucks and my accent is a lot closer to being Mexican or Peruvian, but I’ll take the compliment… All smiles… “No, no I’m Dutch!” We chit chat for a while about where I learned how to speak Spanish and in the meantime I take out my, by now crumbled because it’s been used so often in the last couple of days, metro map to look up Amsterdam Ave. How ironic…Dutch girl looking up Amsterdam Ave in New York!

“I think we’re right next to Amsterdam Ave, it should be parallel to the main street at the entrance”. He keeps on chatting and asking all these questions, doesn’t seem to be listening at aaalll to what I’m saying with regards to the directions… I should’ve seen the signs right there and then….but nope, I did not!

“I’ll walk you there, it’s no problem!” (Good samaritan that I am). So we continue talking and I ask him what he’s doing in the states. He tells me he works in the neighborhood and has been been living here for a while….Finally, a flash of recognition hits me and I realize what’s going on! I grinze and decide to play along for a little bit, see what happens and how far this guy will take it.

My questions are a little bit more directed towards him admitting that he knows very well where Amsterdam Ave is and then BOOM! I caught him straight in the act. But does he care? Nope…he just continues with a straight face and goes “So, hey, what are you doing right now, do you want to grab a drink with me?” I believe this was right after he told me he has a kid waiting for him at home and as I’m sure there’s a girl right there with the kid….waiting.

At least I learned a little bit from my previous encounter with guys and their quick & easy pickup lines. Mainly how to get rid of them. Once again I decide to go for the straightforward, but friendly, approach….never misses! ….At least not with the men in New York : )


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