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When it comes to dating patterns, I see two very clear distinctions. You have the boyfriend girlfriend, which is Miss ‘I am always in a relationship and when we end things, I fall in love with someone new within two weeks and oh uhm they fall in love with me too’ and then there is the never a boyfriend girlfriend, which can be defined as Miss ‘I’m never in a relationship ‘cause I fall for the wrong guys but screw that I’ll have my fun and all the heartbreak that comes with it’. Being the Miss ‘Never a boyfriend girlfriend’, I tend to find myself in interesting situations….

Tuesday afternoon. I just had lunch and ease myself into my chair at work and log in. There’s an instant message blinking in the right hand corner. “Thank you!” it says. I don’t know this guy… “Uhm yeah, you’re welcome! But I don’t believe I did anything to deserve your thanks…wrong person?” “You said enjoy your meal in the cafeteria” Aaaaah that silent friend covered in tattoos of the other friend of a friend! “It was difficult to uncover your info, but I have my ways.” he continues. He starts asking me all these questions and seems genuinely interested. We continue our chat conversation about everything and anything until the end of the day. He’s kinda funny, a lot of sarcasm. I like that!

The next day I log in and before I‘ve even opened up any of my working screens, there he is again Mr. ‘Covered in tattoos but I’m kind of a softy on the inside’ wishing me a good morning. The two weeks that follow hardly any work gets done and we’re on the chat all day, every day. Honestly, I’m not attracted to guys with tattoos in general. But this one seems different. My track record with guys that look like a good guy turned out to be the biggest assholes, so why not give the total opposite a shot?! His answers and questions during our chats definitely indicate that he’s a free man. He’s quite the smooth talker though, so I call him out on that. But still I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. At a certain point Mr. ‘Smooth talker’ gets my phone number and before I know it, he is the one I say ‘Goodnight’ to at the end of the day. Time to see each other again face to face…

It’s Friday night, he is having drinks at a bar with some of his co-workers and I’m hanging out at my friend’s house. “I really need to see your face tonight, you owe me that much” he texts. As a reply I send him ‘our fun weekend song’ and let him know we’ll be in town in about an hour. My friends and I always have this pre-party thing going on where we listen to music, drink, chat, get prepped and dance in the living room. “So what’s going on with you and the men, Mo?” I give them an update and can’t help but smile, ‘cause this is new territory for me. Buzzz, my phone goes “Where are you now?” We keep sending each other updates about our locations and finally both parties align. I spot him, he spots me…and there we are…

The unexpected happens, it’s like a movie…and the guy is totally awkward!!! Alright, drinks! Always helps to loosen up things. We’re talking (sort of) and I have fun with the people around us, he does the same. At a certain point I tell Mr. ‘Awkward’ I’m going to meet up with my friends that have gone to a different bar. “Yeah, ok, I’ll grab my jacket” He wants to come? Really? Uhm, okay…

My friends try to interact with him, but they’re not getting anywhere. Awkward! So I decide to go somewhere else, where it’s just the two of us. We get drinks at the bar and walk upstairs. The conversation is seriously not going anywhere and the awkwardness remains. This sucks! I’m gonna finish my drink and head out. We’re just standing there, not talking…and all of a sudden Mr. ‘Awkward’ turns around, bends over and kisses me! Uhm, what??? Ah well, he’s a good kisser, so fuck it! Shortly after our little make out session we take off and he walks me to my bike, which is parked in completely the opposite direction of his. We have another nice make out session right there and then and we say goodbye. I have no clue what happened there and want to talk over the weirdness of the evening, so I meet up with my friend at a bar and we discuss Mr. ‘Awkward.’ In the meantime he’s still texting me “By the by…you’re not a bad kisser!” Thanks buddy!

It doesn’t take long for me to figure out what was really up, ‘cause the next morning I’m chatting with my cousin (who works in his department). “How was your night?” she goes. I tell her that I had been chatting with Mr. ‘Awkward’ the past couple of weeks and that we made out. And there it was….“No way!! I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend! In our office magazine it even says that they moved in together three weeks ago…..”

So yeah I may be Miss ‘Never a boyfriend girlfriend’ but boy am I glad I’m not his!

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