About guys and their pick up lines

In Dutchland guys don’t pick up girls…I mean not really! Dutch guys hardly ever come over to you, and when they do, they never hit you with a oneliner. Be it on the street or at the bar. It just doesn’t happen.  In New York, however, this is a continuous thing.  You’re not aware of it. At least I’m not, call me ‘Little Miss Naive.’ It all just happens in the simplest of ways…

So it’s a great New York day. The sun is shining, people are out and about. There’s an energetic busy crowd and here I am…walking down the street all sweet and bubbly happy, look to my left and stare straight into the smiling face of a somewhat chubby, non-attractive but innocent looking face. My natural instinct kicks in…and I smile back. Shit!

I keep on going and see in the corner of my eye that he is still walking parallel to me and has not removed his glare for one second. Is this guy following me? Another instinctive move happens! Before I know it, I glance over my shoulder and look straight at him, giving him exactly the opening he needs; “Do you know what time it is?” Ah ok, innocent enough! “Uhm, sure, one moment.” Little Miss Stupid that I am, I rummage through my bag (which obviously has way too much stuff in it to even find the largest item it carries in one go…) Mr. Friendly optimizes his time (clever!) “Ah you’re so pretty. Where are you from? What are you doing here? Ah you’re so pretty! Do you have a boyfriend?” I smile reluctantly and say thanks. Honest person that I am I even tell him I don’t have a boyfriend. What?? Why? Why would you tell him that?!!

“Can I have your number?” he continues. “What are you doing tonight?” In the meantime, we’re five blocks further and the guy’s not leaving. Damage control!! My mind is racing and thinking of all the off putting things I could say or do to get rid of this guy. Direct approach it is! “Yeah, uhm so thank you, but I’m not interested. So I’m gonna head that way. Have a great day. Byeeee!!’ ….all friendly smiles combined with a very quick tread in the hope he doesn’t follow me…again! Before I walk on, I spot his phone in his hand. The guy definitely knew what time it was… ‘Hit on the foreigner time!’

I don’t dare to look over my shoulder, but I can feel that the awkward presence is gone. Only after a block or two I take the risk and sneak in a peek. Pfiew. He’s gone….stepped right into that one!!! Little Miss Naive! You’d think I would’ve learned from this one experience…but no! I’m like the donkey in a Dutch saying who supposedly doesn’t kick the same rock twice. Except, I do! I hit it again and again and…again! But more about that later…. ; )


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