There was a loud knock on the door. Amanda Peterson was sitting in her chair, eyes bewildered, staring out in front of her as though in a comatose state. The knocking continued, and she just sat there, vaguely hearing the sound entering her brain. A deep large man’s voice starting coming in from a far  “RAPD”.  Bang! Bang! This was more than just knocking.  “RAPD, open up!”  the  voice continued.

Amanda had no idea how long they had been standing there, but once it finally sank in that they were there for her and realized she had to get up and open the door, they entered.  It seemed like an entire army, but there were five cops at the most.

A man with an extremely masculine rough exterior  stood in front of her. Usually, she would have noticed a rugged attractive man like this, but today…nothing.

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