A killer of a story

The loud noise of glass breaking awakens her abruptly. She gasps for air and sits up straight in bed. She’s wide awake, gets out of bed as fast as she can and looks for the bat that she has lying around in case she gets robbed.

The footsteps are coming closer now. Frantically she is searching for the bat, with her back facing the semi open door. She always felt more safe when she could see a bit of light coming from the hallway, ever since she was a little girl and her mom would tuck her in. Her sigh of relief fills the room when she sees the bat, but before she can bend over to grab it, she feels the cold steel of the blade enter her body from the back, piercing her skin.  Two quick jabs.

The coldness of the blade is replaced with a shooting pain up and down her body and warm blood starts to seep down her back. Before she can react or turn around her hair is pulled so roughly that her legs are swept away from underneath her body. The immense pain she feels from falling flat onto her back, in that one swift movement, makes her scream so loud in agony, it’s a wonder no one hears her.

She is dragged out of the room by her hair and she feels the throbbing of the open wounds against the cold tiled floor. She reaches with both hands above her head and tries to pull her hair free from the firm grip, while sliding over the floor. Before she can even try to release any of the fingers, she is yanked around and rolled on her butt, now facing the perpetrator. The glance of recognition and surprise on her face is replaced by terror within seconds when she sees the knife lifted up over the intruder’s head.

She lifts up her arms and covers her face and the upper part of her body and crunches forward with her knees pulled up as far as she can. But it’s not enough. The first stab hits her in the left elbow. The excruciating pain makes her cover her elbow with her right hand, leaving her stomach free. The knife penetrates straight into her gut.

She has lost too much blood. Her eyes are blinking and the room around her starts to get blurry. Her ears seem to be filled with a high pitched whistle combined with the sound of someone blowing loudly in her ear. The last thing she hears before she fades away is her killer counting of the number of stabs out loud….five, six, seven….

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